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The vision of the Roanoke Rapids Police Department is to strive to be a progressive law enforcement agency that provides a crime-free and safe environment for the community, through strategic policing, integrity and strong community partnerships. We are dedicated to providing innovative problem-solving efforts fostering confidence within the community.

Our Mission Statement

The Roanoke Rapids Police Department shall provide a safe community by maintaining a proactive approach in the prevention, detection, and investigation of criminal activity. This will be accomplished through the highest ethical and professional standards in partnership with the community we serve. This will build positive partnerships with citizens and leaders of our community to both increase legitimacy and enhance public safety.

Professionalism: We are committed to providing professional law enforcement services by highly trained personnel accountable to our community.

Integrity: We are committed to demonstrating and maintaining the highest ethical standards both personally and organizationally.

Responsiveness: We are committed to providing competent and effective delivery of service in response to community concerns.

Sensitivity: We are committed to providing services in a manner sensitive to our diverse community.

Respect: We are committed to providing courteous police service with respect for the rights and dignity of all the people we serve.

Respect for Co-workers: We are committed to maintaining a workplace environment based on mutual respect, which reflects an appreciation of the unique qualities of each individual who contributes to the overall good of our team.

Openness: We are committed to a shared and open relationship of involvement with all segments of our community.

Excellence: We are committed to and pride ourselves in our personal and organizational excellence and professionalism, acting responsibly and carrying out our duties with competence and efficiency.

Leaf Collection Notification

  • Leaf Collection

    The Property Maintenance Department collects loose leaves November - February. Crews work a daily assigned route and cannot take special requests or special arrangements. Loose leaf piles should be placed behind the curb or edge of pavement without blocking the sidewalk or street. Do not rake or...

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