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Roanoke Rapids Fire DepartmentTradition is an excellent foundation for anyone or any organization, but one must remember that tradition is just that, a beginning or a starting point. Yes, it is to be remembered, but it is not meant to be a cage or prison which one cannot leave. The Roanoke Rapids Fire Department is strong in traditional beliefs, yet strong enough to believe in vision and the need for change in the future. We are not your typical fire department we are much more than that, and we have great visions for the future of our citizens and their Roanoke Rapids Fire Department.

Most picture a fire station with its personnel sitting around waiting for the bell to ring signaling a fire. Maybe you even picture the men playing cards or checkers. Our men and women do wait for calls at Roanoke Rapids Fire Department, but they do not wait idly. They participate in educational opportunities and they address valuable life safety concerns. All of the firefighters are certified North Carolina Firefighter levels One and Two, Rescue Technicians and Hazardous Materials Operations Level certified.. Specialization certifications are also encouraged, such as Confined Space Rescue, Water Rescue, High Angle Rescue, etc.

Roanoke Rapids Fire Department creates safer environments for its citizens, and its children, and Roanoke Rapids Fire Department creates opportunities for the community to be responsible for their own welfare. For example "The Learn Not To Burn" school curriculum sponsored by the Roanoke Rapids Rotary Club, administered by the Roanoke Rapids Fire Department staff in coordination with the Roanoke Rapids , Weldon , and Halifax Co. graded school districts. The Smoke House loaned to our RRFD by Sprint/Carolina communication employees A variety of projects are constantly being created to benefit the citizens of Roanoke Rapids.

As your department meets the future, we will also make use of technological advantages. Each engine or truck company will have a laptop computer on board that will maximize the use of the GIS (city maps) system and aid firefighters when responding to an emergency. When an emergency arises, the Officers will be able to access information regarding streets, hydrants and hazardous materials at the site of the emergency. We also hope to be able to provide the Officers with information about the occupancies including a house that may have a special needs person.

The future is but a day away, because tomorrow is almost here, so the Roanoke Rapids Fire Department is anticipating the needs of its citizens and considering necessary expansion of and within the department. One of the visions of the department is to create a Special Operations and Emergency Response teams. Roanoke Rapids has been fortunate not to have experienced many major chemical spills, flooding, hurricane tornado or aviation crashes, but should one occur, we would like to think this department is prepared to respond efficiently.

There are many more visions for the Roanoke Rapids Fire Department, and it seems only a matter of time before these dreams become a reality that allows the Roanoke Rapids Fire Department to better serve its citizens!


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    The Property Maintenance Department collects loose leaves November - February. Crews work an assigned route and cannot take special requests or special arrangements. Loose leaf piles should be placed behind the curb or edge of pavement without blocking the sidewalk or street. Do not rake or blow...

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