Kirkwood Adams Center

1100 Hamilton Street

Book your next event with us - meetings, banquets, parties, wedding receptions, family reunions or any special event! We can accommodate as few as 20 or as many as 700. Kitchen facilities also available. Reasonable prices. Call for rates or come by the TJ Davis Recreation Center, 400 East 6th Street Monday through Friday from 8:30AM - 5:00PM for reservations and booking.


(252) 533-2847 for reservations

Link to the Kirkwood Adams Community Center Facebook Page:

We only book the Kirkwood Adams Community Center 9 months in advance.  The months for booking Kirkwood are as follows:

On the first working day of:                                      you can book for:

       May                                                                        January

       June                                                                       February

       July                                                                        March

       August                                                                   April

       September                                                             May

       October                                                                 June

       November                                                              July

       December                                                             August

       January                                                                 September

       February                                                               October

       March                                                                   November

       April                                                                     December

TJ Davis Hours of Operation (2)

Monday - Thursday
8:30am-7pm: Open Gym

8:30am-5pm: Open Gym

Saturday: 1pm-5pm
Open Gym